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Hello, crybaby.

So the world thinks you’re lazy. Just another entitled iGen’r who doesn’t know the meaning of hard work. What’s up with that?
It’s time to prove the naysayers wrong.

But to do it, you need more than a
stepping-stone internship...


You need a goddamned launchpad.

So if it’s real agency work you’re after, then apply at
McMillan. No made-up projects, just real assignments,
a pay check, and the incitement to test your brilliance.

Just like we did for Matt, Ally, and Cam, we promise to
kick your ass.

So you can kick-start your career.



“Within my second week, I was building out the mobile design for a new client’s website. But better yet, McMillan opened my eyes. Getting honest feedback on my work, and seeing the work of the designers around me—it showed me what’s possible. And helped me push the boundaries.”



“As an intern, I worried I might be more of a pain in the ass than an asset. But my creative director asked me to come up with concepts and copy for a major client’s campaign. He pushed me. Made me rework it again and again. In the end, my work went in front of the chief marketing officer. McMillan threw me in the deep end, and it worked. I’m still here.”



“One of the first things I noticed about being at McMillan compared to school was the talent of those around me, and how high-paced the workflow was. It’s amazing how quickly your skills and speed develop when the pressure’s on.”